Phersei Srl was founded in Milan in 2010 and soon took root on national territory, operating in 92 Italian provinces. The company is a point of reference in the field of investigations and security at national and international level, responding to the needs of a global market and operating in Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The investigative agency acts according to a model of corporate social responsibility, balancing ethics and enterprise initiative and placing as values ​​characterizing its ethical action, legality and justice.

The company coordination team consists of highly qualified professionals and consultants who work in synergy, offering high quality services and implementing excellent organizational and operational strategies. Experts in world security, the highest levels of law enforcement, university professors, legal experts and highly professional working groups form the company’s “brain system”.


The multi-sector organization that characterizes Phersei makes it extremely effective in resolving the activities and the problems that its customers entrust to it. The added value of Phersei is the high timeliness in the implementation of interventions, the rationalization of costs, the use of highly qualified experts in the field and the use of cutting-edge technologies, which allow the company to rank among the most competitive in the sector.


Relying on Phersei Investigation and Safety Agency means reducing the exposure to high risk factors and ensuring that any problem can be solved successfully.

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Human resources

One of the most relevant assets in any business sectors is represented by the human resources. From this awareness, the Phersei Group operates through the employment of highly qualified staff, following the highest quality standards in every services offered. 

Corporate structure

The Phersei Group’s company organization chart, is characterized by a pyramidal structure which includes nine main divisions.

The multi-sector organization with which Phersei srl was conceived, makes the firm extremely effective in the management and resolution of the activities that its customers entrust to it. The reduction in implementation times, the rationalization of costs, the use of highly qualified human resources and the use of cutting-edge technologies allow Phersei Srl to rank among the most competitive companies in the sector. 

Phersei Srl is the holder of Government Authorization n. 14255 / 12B15E Area O.S.P. I ^ Ter art. 134 of the T.U.L.L.P.S. issued by the Prefecture of Milan. 

Our guarantees

The Phersei Investigation Agency boasts one of the most complete and high insurance coverage and has become synonymous of high trust, safety and reliability thanks to the low rate of accidents, the education and coordination of the staff and the continuous search for technological innovations intended as tool to pursue the best business efficiency and the most effective deterrence towards crime. 

• All-Risk insurance policy
• Prefectural License n. 14255 / 12B15E Area O.S.P. I ^ Ter art. 134 of the T.U.L.L.P.S.
• License Art. 115 T.U.L.P.S. business sector
• Training in compliance with the T.U. 81/2008 P.I. and P.S.
• Durc (Single contribution regularity document)
• Duvri (Single document for the assessment of interfering risks)
• UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 quality management system certification

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