Phersei Security Group, with its Travel Security Service Division, provides high-profile security support and services in order to maintain a high level of assistance and security to its customers on the go, anytime, anywhere.

With our travel security services, we provide integrated organizational risk management plans, strategies and responses to protect employees of companies in travels and trips, helping to make their business function more efficient.

Our security information, analysis and support

With our travel security service organization, we ensure timely communication on security threats and possible transportation problems all over the world. We monitor and analyze changing political and social situations, as well as natural disasters, to provide safety advice for travelers in many countries and cities. We carry out risk assessment plans and provide daily updates on the events and their developments.

An infrastructure with global presence

Our teams located in  many countries around the world are on standby day and night to provide security support and other support operations such as:

  • Assistance in response to emergency situations, such as criminal acts, terrorist events, instability, conflicts and natural disasters
  • Evacuation of personnel in times of greatest danger, if necessary and required

Our work system also offers the aggregation of every data and travel information from different sources in order to provide you with a global and reliable view of where the travelers are, of the risks related to their travel program and any countermeasures of security to be adopted.

Phersei’s Travel Security Service helps you to improve your business travel management policies around the world by increasing your private and professional serenity, increasing security standards and enhancing business development potential.

Our travel security services are an essential risk management tool.

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