The Phersei security agency offers an integrated security approach that meets both conventional security needs and the needs of owners and administrators of retail stores; within this framework a specific hospitality program is included with the client.

In fact, the shopping centers are important marketing and merchandising centers and are a reference point for millions of people every day. The combination of today’s developments, expensive properties, expensive goods, and large crowds of shoppers have exposed shopping centers to a wide range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Every kind of shopping center have become targets for theft, vandalism, property damage, product tampering, theft, altercation, general criminal events, and litigation. A Professional Security Planning, Prevention and Protection are necessary to address the wide range of problems faced by the owners and management of these centers.

The Protection of the structures requires the highest level of security services related to access control, monitoring of sensitive areas, management of entry and exit flows, prevention and protection of inventory differences, and deterrence from criminal events.

The Phersei Security Agency offers its customers an integrated approach to security, with a range of conventional and unconventional services targeted to commercial properties, including a specific hospitality program for the client.

Our security professionals help customers develop comprehensive security programs, including threat assessments, situation analysis and proactive planning to identify and mitigate potential risks.

We perform the following tasks and many others for commercial property owners and their managers:

  • Security services for the protection of goods and materials structures
  • Specific training for customer hospitality
  • Management of security operations
  • Crisis management
  • Security services for parking and vehicle safety
  • Emergency event response
  • Access control
  • Management of flows
  • Monitoring sensitive areas
  • Anti-shoplifting services
  • Design Security control systems
  • Alarm monitoring and management of the integrated security system

Thanks to the significant experience of managing the security programs provided to our retail customers, we implement a productive and proactive approach that evolves and molds to meet the needs of customers and the shopping center. Our managers work closely with customers to create customized security programs that focus on early planning and preparation for all contingencies.

Security agency for shopping centers and shopping malls Phersei, Security and intelligence services in Milan and throughout Italy of high profile. Trust the Phersei Group.

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