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Phersei Milano, an agency specializing in security services for individuals, develops high-performance private security projects and services with a team of expert bodyguards in every type of security service to protect you in any critical situation. The figure of the bodyguard, better known as a close protection expert, is extremely important when it is necessary to protect a particularly exposed person from attempts at disturbance, threats or aggression. It is a key figure that works in synergy with the person or target that is called upon to protect and therefore whoever carries out a personal protection service must possess specific requirements and a high level of preparation in cases where the close protection officer should cope with dangerous situations.

For this reason, it is essential to rely on experts who are trained to perform a personal protection service and who know all the techniques to be respected to protect the person from risks and dangers. All of our security services are constantly subjected to quality controls in order to shape and customize the security service to the personal needs of customers who request it.

We know how to operate discretely: an effective and efficient personal protection device MUST provide the ability, by professionals commonly called “bodyguard”, to integrate into the private and professional life of the protected person without affecting or modifying the antecedent condition explanation of the threat suffered.

The professional par excellence is able to protect privacy without violating it.

Security services for individuals: who is and what the bodyguard does

The bodyguard or close protection expert is a highly specialized figure and specifically trained to protect and protect a person from risks or hazards. In the vast majority of cases it is a professional who is called to defend important person or sensitive objectives and therefore must possess specific requirements in order to avoid that the person concerned is the victim of disorders or assaults. To become a bodyguard, it is necessary:

  • have excellent physical fitness;
  • have certain personal characteristics such as the ability to be reserved, educated, respectful and willing to make sacrifices;
  • be very balanced people, since it is a very demanding job that in some cases involves the need to intervene to hit the enemy;
  • be able to handle stress and danger situations promptly.

At the moment in Italy there is no specific path to follow to carry out this profession, but training courses are organized for aspiring bodyguards in which emphasis is given to the behavior to be held in public, to know how to relate with customers and confidentiality. However, to become a person in charge of personal protection services it is necessary to be an excellent shooter, to be able to use personal defense weapons and to develop local skills.

If you want to know more about the bodyguard figure and the necessary requirements, read the interview with Commander Alfa, founder of Gis.

Security services for individuals: the Phersei experience

Phersei Milan has been operating for over twenty years in the field of public security and private security, offering services of:

in private security, offering services of:

  • security VIP;
  • counter-tracking services;
  • investigative surveillance;
  • access control, entry and exit of people and vehicles;
  • surveillance service;
  • security events and events;
  • physical security management.

Thanks to the continuous updating of knowledge and professional skills, our security agency allows individuals to identify in Phersei a unique interlocutor to whom all the private security tasks, even the most delicate ones, can be entrusted. All the professional bodyguard we employ respond to the characteristics of seriousness, professionalism and confidentiality and through periodic training phases, increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

The activities that our security company carries out, allow our customers to prevent or eliminate all the threats or potential risks that can directly or indirectly cause damage to the person and their assets. Choosing to rely on our organization therefore means making a choice of quality and guaranteeing the safety of one’s own person from risks.

You can use our security service both in Italy and abroad. 24 hours operation.

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