The security company provided by Phersei Srl, an agency operating in the security service sector, are aimed at companies that need the competence of a team of professional experts to meet the needs of security and private security.

Phersei security service stands as a “company mission” to exceed the expectations of its customers. All the activities carried out by our security agency are constantly subjected to quality controls in order to shape and customize the security service implemented according to the company’s evolutionary dynamics.

The twenty-year experience gained in the field of public and private security, combined with a continuous updating of knowledge and professional skills, allow us to offer security services, unarmed surveillance, security VIPs through the use of expert bodyguards and services of surveillance aimed at meeting the specific needs of every single small, medium or large company.

The multi-sectorality of our security agency allows companies to identify in Phersei a single interlocutor to whom entrust even the most sensitive corporate security tasks. With the experience of our experts we are able to organize, manage and control any security service that our customers rely on, taking care of every detail both from an organizational and an operational point of view.

Our security agency can also pay particular attention to the important economic aspect by providing a security service customized also in price with solutions commensurate with the real needs of the client, always pursuing excellent operating standards.

Security services for companies: Phersei’s expertise

Phersei, a security agency in Milan, specializes in security services for companies aimed at protecting corporate assets from risks, thefts, leakage of confidential information. In the execution of this particularly delicate service, our security agency also makes use of the installation of video surveillance systems that perform the function of control and consequently protection of the company assets.

Phersei security excels in the field of private security also with its services of porters and unarmed surveillance in Milan, paying particular attention to human resources. All the operators that we employ in the security services respond to the characteristics of seriousness, professionalism and confidentiality; moreover, through periodic training phases, it is the duty of the security agencies to take care of the updating of the personnel regarding current regulations and new operating procedures introduced by the client.

The activities that our security company carries out, coordinated by Phersei security managers, allow our customers to prevent or eliminate all threats or potential risks that may directly or indirectly cause damage to assets in any private or public company organization.

Relying on our organization means making a quality choice. In the panorama of security agencies, Phersei Milan ranks among the most effective and efficient, the ideal commercial partner among the numerous security agencies.

You can use our security service both in Italy and abroad. 24 hours operation.

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