The residential real estate security sector is characterized, in equal parts, by both security services and courtesy services to the client.

Real estate developers, landlords, property managers and residential real estate managers require systems and planning services and security protection to minimize the risks of theft, vandalism, intrusion, robbery, property damage, and litigation.

Phersei investigations and safety has a security approach that evolves to meet the needs of its residential real estate customers; from the protection of condominiums, to the protection of multiple housing units, residences, large communities, villas and private properties.

Some of the services we provide for residential communities are:

  • Access control
  • Control of incoming vehicles
  • Supplier control
  • Internal patrols
  • Valet parking and parking surveillance
  • Traffic control
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Concierge service
  • CCTV control
  • Fire-fighting services
  • Courtesy services (newspaper delivery, parcel collection, custody and key management)

Selecting the right people for residential security services is an activity that requires special attention.

The profile of the security agent we select defines, as essential requirements, the experience in the customer management activities and a series of special features necessary to identify candidates with communication skills, safe driving practices, special physical skills, attention to details and a genuine desire to put themselves at service of people.

Our training program is designed to train individuals with these essential characteristics in trained security agents with strong communicative and social skills.

Our control technology systems allow us to provide owners and administrators with periodic reports on critical issues, such as the number of visitors, traffic warnings, the frequency in transit of vehicles, and parking violations.

Owners and administrators can count on Phersei’s team to pursue excellence in residential security solutions.

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