Passenger safety is the most important goal of the public transport industries. The cooperation between security companies and companies must be characterized by the development of an integrated security concept.


The Phersei Group security concept

The central element of the safety concept is the flexible distribution and the oriented position of qualified personnel. Phersei operators receive intensive training, which ensures particularly high safety standards.

Metro security

The critical issues that passengers face in the subway areas are mainly pickpockets, drug addicts, beggars, snatchers and vandalism.

The question we asked ourselves is the following: “Do we really have to concentrate every resource we have on neutralizing people who cause damage? Or should we focus on the other 300,000 people who do not? “

The answer leads to the strategy that security officers maintain a high profile and a capillary and effective presence in subway hubs, rather than preside over remote and isolated stations waiting for critical events to occur.

The agents, in addition to wearing clothing that immediately identifies the role, are all radio-connected, equipped with mobile phones and first aid kits, as well as prepared to handle conflicts and practical ethnic issues.

The Phersei management, together with the client, establishes the shifts and the areas to be monitored, based on the traffic report, accident reports and special events or seasonal peaks. This strategy makes it possible to make unpredictable checks in the eyes of possible troublemakers or criminals.

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