The porter and concierge services provide high-profile security specifically trained agents. Our service is aimed at hospitality sectors such as hotels, residences, tourist villages, communities, residential and commercial properties, buildings, and all those contexts where it is necessary to use a very effective, efficient and high-quality security service.

The security officer on duty is often the first-person customers and visitors encounter in a facility, and the interaction with the security officer strongly influences the perception of the service experience. Phersei srl employs security personnel in charge of reception and reception services that offers a mix of security and hospitality services with the aim of keeping the premises safe and protected, reflecting a positive and reassuring image towards visitors for the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

We follow strict selection procedures and recruitment of the employee in order to select a naturally suited to customer service staff, including women and men coming from contexts related to the hospitality industry. Through interviews with candidates, checks and audits on CVs and through interaction during the training sessions, our recruitment and training managers evaluate each individual’s communication skills, their personal history, their attitude, and their appearance.  Candidates with essential skills and characteristics to excel as concierge security agents will follow to complete training through simulations and field operations.

Training programs for concierge and concierge services provide lessons on the following:

  • Performing porter duties
  • The unique dual role of a security agent / concierge
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Techniques for managing difficult customers

Our security services, (concierge, reception and customer management) evolve and focus on customizable work patterns; we have the resources and skills to implement concierge service programs in any industry and setting.

  • retail sale of commercial and residential properties
  • community or residence
  • companies (including parking management)
  • medical complexes
  • sports or recreational centers
  • tourist attractions
  • cultural religious institutions
  • government agencies

During the performance of their duties, our concierge services are a solid reference and are often considered part of the “family” in the properties in which they are assigned, offering a warm welcome to the employees of the clients and to the customers themselves with maximum availability and cordiality, while guaranteeing safety through defined processes.

Concierge services in Milan and Phersei premium concierge. Services for those seeking excellence.

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