The pharmaceutical companies, their suppliers and associated companies have become an important target for the perpetration of thefts, vandalism, damage to property, product tampering, ecoterrorism and litigation. For this reason, companies must develop an extremely professional and high level of security planning, prevention and protection.

Phersei Investigations & Security Group proposes an integrated approach to security, through a series of services:

  • Threat assessment, consultancy and research;
  • Crisis management;
  • Emergency / response to unusual event;
  • Protection of intellectual property for research and development activities;
  • Access control;
  • Fire prevention and life security programs;
  • Research and protection against product tampering, counterfeiting and lookalike;
  • Protection of information from competitors in the research and production phases;
  • Product distribution and marketing;
  • Supply chain logistics security, including, over-the-road, transit drug stock;
  • Meeting and events security;
  • National and international executive protection;
  • Operational interventions in cases of threats of violence in the workplace in Italy, advice during the negotiation stages in cases of abduction and redemption in Italy and abroad;
  • Computer forensics;
  • Investigations on infidel employees, leakage of information, theft of intellectual property.

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