The patrimonial information provided by Phersei, investigative agency in Milan, allows its private customers or companies to gather information on the balance sheet of a natural or legal person that are essential to protect their interests in litigation or in the recovery of credits. Do you want to know the financial situation of a debtor? Do you want to be sure that your assets are attackable before starting a debt collection process? Trust the Phersei professionals and you will find the patrimonial information you need.

The patrimonial investigations of Phersei, investigation agency in possession of a regular license, respond to the needs of its clients with a wide range of information services aimed at satisfying the most varied needs, from the simplest asset information to the broad-spectrum information.

The patrimonial information collected by Phersei is essentially referable to the property, real estate or chattels, of which a physical or juridical subject is owner (and therefore holder), also jointly, with other subjects that go to constitute the so-called “patrimonial axis” that can mainly be made up of:

  • real estate (houses, apartments, villas, land, boxes)
  • chattels (cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes)
  • money (bank current accounts, postal current accounts, deposit accounts, savings accounts, bearer passbooks)

Here follows other information that help making up a natural or legal person’s asset:

  • Cash;
  • precious objects like jewels, watches, precious stones;
  • philatelic collections, numismatic collections;
  • prestigious furniture or antiques;
  • author’s paintings and much more.


If you need to gather information on the assets of a natural or legal person entrusted with confidence to our wealth information services in Milan, Italy and abroad. One of our private investigators will be able to collect all the patrimonial information necessary to start the recovery of a credit or proceed to a possible dispute.

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