The Phersei Investigation Agency performs offices environmental debugging which represents an effective and resolutive action of counterintelligence and has the purpose of identifying all the audio and video environmental interception devices through which people external or internal to the company, to the office or the professional studio can acquire strategic confidential information to make fraudulent use against the company. Thanks to the Technology division and to the professionalism of our experts we are able to intervene in cases of unfair competition, industrial counter-espionage, leaks of confidential or strategic information, information leakage outside the company to the advantage of the competition, all critical circumstances to which a company is constantly exposed also due to the globalization of markets and advances in technology.

Nowadays it is absolutely necessary for companies to adopt information security protocols and actions aimed at protecting the corporate know-how, especially in the preventive phase through the implementation of simple counter-espionage procedures.

Phersei is an investigative organization of excellence, specialized and structured, able to carry out resolving activities of environmental debugging of offices from wiretap and bugs and telephone debugging.

With our debugging and spy bugs it will be possible to detect all electronic listening devices, interception devices, hidden video devices, environmental wiretap and telephones in microwave, radio and GSM.

Environmental debugging offices

What can push a company or a private person to use a bug?

The use of environmental and telephone bugs by companies and individuals aims to listen to conversations, listen to meetings, important business decisions, or discussions about new products or services, in order to gain an undue advantage or profit. In the companies the common places where the bugs are placed by unfair and unscrupulous competitors are the personnel department, where the details of other employees can be learned, the technical offices, where technologies, projects and formulas are studied, or the rooms meetings where strategic corporate meetings are held or even the offices of managers who have key tasks in order to be able to catch their conversations would generate a considerable plus for the competitors.

When to contact our organization?

In the preventive phase: periodic and reasonable counter-espionage activities can be used to prevent any undue information acquisition actions. The positive aspect is evident. Adequate prevention of the phenomenon makes it possible not to suffer or to limit as far as possible the potential damages deriving from the phenomenon of industrial espionage.

In the judicial phase: if the leak of information is undeniable and the company has already suffered the damage deriving from the undue use of the information collected. In this case the actions of counterintelligence have the purpose to definitively neutralize the threat and, jointly, take the appropriate investigative actions to assert the rights of the company in the appropriate offices towards those who have benefited or profit from the espionage activity.

To carry out actions of counterintelligence and protect your interests and strategic information of your company we use the following equipment:

  • Superbroom plus
  • TCM cable tester 03
  • Linear junction detector (NLJD) V.36 (identifies active and non-active devices)
  • CPM700 complete kit
  • Spectran near TSCM spectral analysis field
  • GSM196 detector against GSM surveillance
  • Spectrum analyzer against surveillance of local 12GHz transmissions.
  • Digital frequency measurement and analysis
  • Physical research (all areas)
  • Wireless video transmission detector up to 5.8 GHz
  • GSM blocking bugs

Our environmental debugging services for commercial offices and companies include:

  • Removal of corporate car bugs and GPS detection in vehicles
  • Environmental debugging and telephone offices, companies, factories, warehouses
  • Environmental debugging and car telephone, vans and lorries
  • Environmental debugging and boat telephone
  • Environmental debugging and air telephony
  • Environmental and telephone debugging for meeting rooms during business meetings
  • Environmental and telephone debugging of hotel and hotel rooms

If you are afraid of being spied on or you think that there are people or companies motivated and interested in knowing confidential news regarding your private life or your business do not hesitate, call us even for a telephone comparison, to request a quote or a consultation. You can also send us your request by e-mail by filling out the contact form on the side.

Environmental debugging of offices and companies from bugs and bugs. Trust our counterintelligence services.

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