Phersei mobile phone debugging services have the aim of detecting bugs and wiretap in your phone to spy or steal confidential information in both private and corporate environments.

The advent of increasingly sophisticated technologies in the telecommunications sector, such as smartphones and tablets, have exposed people to high risks of espionage. Today it can be very simple to try to steal, even fraudulently, private personal or strategic business interest information from third parties to use them to obtain an undue advantage.

Do you suspect someone spying your phone calls through cell phone bugs? Are you worried that your phone is under control and that someone is overhearing your conversations with an audio bug? Ask for a debugging service and protect yourself from fraudulent information.

Installing a spy software on smartphones and tablets can be a very simple practice. This software allows third parties to acquire sensitive personal or business information remotely (or remotely and without having to physically access the smartphone or tablet) such as conversations, text messages or mms both inbound and outbound. The installation procedure of the spy software requires a very short time (less than a few minutes) at the end of which those who intend to spy on you will have full access to your information, and to those of your interlocutors, private or business. To protect yourself from this risk it is therefore essential to proceed to a cellular debugging carried out by Phersei private investigators who through the use of cutting-edge equipment are able to detect the presence of bugs and bugs in your mobile phone.

Mobile phone debugging: why you should do it?

The acquisition of confidential information through the use of spy software for smartphones constitutes a clear violation of the current legislation (Law No. 98 Article 615 bis, Article 617 bis of 08/04/1974 of the Criminal Code and Article 226 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure) in matters of privacy and fraudulent communication interception, beyond the law n.675 of 31/12/1996 on the collection of personal data and the violation of the right to privacy, there are also undue uses of information in the context of unfair competition , disclosure of confidential information, etc.).

If you suspect that a spy software may have been installed on your phone or smartphone and that there may be motivated people or interested in acquiring your personal information, both private and professional, even for undue profit, we suggest you contact a specialist who can debug your phone and protect you from any risks arising from the presence of mobile bugs.

Our organization specializes in professional technical analysis and debugging of mobile phones and smartphones from spy software.

If you intend to proceed using our advice and technical analysis you will need to deliver the phone at our offices complete with battery, power cord and without access password.

Cell debugging will require from a minimum of 16 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. It is necessary to agree both the delivery and the withdrawal of the telephone.

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