Professional investigations to support legal professions

The Phersei Investigation Agency collaborates on a continuous and consolidated basis with numerous and important law firms and lawyers both in Italy and abroad, contributing in a decisive way to providing, through its investigations and accurate information gathering phases, objective evidence sources and incontrovertible to be asserted in court. The activity carried out by Phersei private investigators is a point of reference for law firms wishing to make use of the professionalism of an investigative agency to collect evidence and information to support their clients in cases such as marital infidelity, stalking, the collection of confidential information on people.

Numerous and important professionals of the legal sector make use of our services in order to gather information and collect documented evidence useful and sometimes necessary to ensure optimal advice to their clients. Phersei carries out any type of private investigation in order to protect the rights of its clients in the private and corporate sphere.

Experience serving the legal sector

Thanks also to the proven experience of the private investigators of which our organization avails itself, trusted professionals from Arma dei Carabinieri, State Police and Army, the Phersei investigative agency guarantees the achievement of the objectives and the resolution of the problems of its customers.

The agency, in possession of a regular government license, today plays a decisive role in collecting information with a probative value. The surveys conducted provide our clients, mainly law firms, legal professionals and lawyers, strategic assessment tools that make it possible to implement conscious and winning choices.


A winning choice

In an ever-changing social, legal and commercial context, the activity carried out by an investigative agency is an essential and strategic tool for the protection of the freedom of the citizen and for the collection of legally valid material to be represented in the judgment.

Private investigations, company investigations, unfair competition investigations, commercial investigations, patrimonial investigations, financial investigations, child protection investigations, international investigations, special investigations carried out by Phersei, allow and have as a sole objective also documental detection, with photographic evidence of legal evidence.


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