The Gps Tracker car satellite detector is a powerful survey aid tool, which provides information on the location of the vehicle when:

  • You want to check the movement of a vehicle at any time during the day, acquiring information on the places reached, on travel time, on the duration of the stops;
  • You want to verify the truthfulness of the driver’s declarations of the vehicle, if he claims to be in a certain place when he is on another other side, thus providing investigative cues for the continuation of the investigation;
  • In the OCT phase (Observation, Control and Tracking) a technological instrument that allows to carry out the surveillance of the target in complete safety and at a safe distance is needed, thus preventing the risk of actions being too close together.

Why use the car satellite detector?

The Gps tracker responds with a strong ability to reduce the amount of time spent in live surveillance, thus allowing to rationalize costs. As for the result, the cases can be closed much more quickly.

Most of the existing GPS car locator models have no “real time” tracking capability, they do not respond with sufficiently precise positions, have little battery life and are subject to strong signal “holes”. In general, the most common gps locators do not have the level of sophistication that can guarantee a highly professional survey company such as Phersei.

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