The Phersei Investigation Agency, with its own section dedicated to the investigative technologies, specializes in environmental debugging of houses and counterintelligence activities from bugs and wiretap.

With our technical intervention, all the tools for environmental interception and telephone audio and video that put at risk the security of your privacy, family and private information will be identified.

  • Are you afraid of being spied on or controlled?
  • Do you have any reason to believe that there is someone interested and motivated to hear the conversations within your home not only for private but also for business reasons?
  • Are you an entrepreneur and suspect that the competition is spying on you at home trying to acquire strategic information?

Rely on Phersei’s professionals to detect environmental and telephone bugs for houses, apartments, villas and private homes.

Our counterintelligence activities

Our goal is to implement, through extensive electronic countermeasures, accurate environmental and telephone debugging to your home in order to detect bugs or environmental bugs that can transmit audio or video signals.

Our environmental debugging and bug-proofing activities can be extended to all areas of your home, your cars, your computers and any room in your home.

If you suspect someone is spying on you and wants to steal your personal or strategic business information, contact Phersei professionals who, thanks to their experience and the use of advanced technologies, will be able to detect any bugs or bugs inside of a given environment, both private and corporate.

Our counterintelligence activities are carried out in strict confidence, quickly and scrupulously observing the utmost discretion, safety and effectiveness.

How are the bugs used and how are they placed?

The bugs can be placed:

  • by unauthorized access to your home when you are away;
  • someone accesses your home, like a gas, electricity, heating or TV technician, who is instead a person who has the task of preparing the bug;
  • by trusted people, such as a friend, a partner or a work colleague;
  • they can be placed in an object that you have received as gifts or presents

Who could be motivated to spy on you?

Do not underestimate your feelings. There are many reasons why one can be spied on.

It could be the partner who does not trust you and spies on you to find personal information about your daily life. It could be your former partner from whom you are divorcing who wants internal feedback about your actions. It could be a business reason in which an individual or company tries to find your personal details or, possibly, sensitive ones about you or your family to then gain undue advantage.


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