Phersei srl, with its own division dedicated to investigative technologies for corporate and private counterintelligence, performs environmental debugging in Milan and throughout Italy, using the most advanced technologies on the market to detect bugs for cars and wiretaps that may represent a real danger for your safety and security.

Do you have the feeling that someone is spying on you and you want to find out if you have bugs installed in your car? Are you in the process of separation and are you afraid that your ex-partner can listen to your conversations via car bugs? If the answer is yes, contact the Phersei Milano detective agency immediately and request the car environmental debugging service, thanks to which you will be able to find out if there are wiretaps or bugs in your car. The service is also performed on company vehicles, trucks, vans and any other means of transport for their own or business use.

Our environmental car debugging from bugs and wiretaps are highly performing and are implemented through the use of latest generation technical analysis tools and instruments able to identify any bug detector or environmental audio or video interception device that may have been positioned in the vehicle in order to steal conversations on board the contents of which may be disclosed to third parties or for which it may be unduly used in both the private and corporate sectors. Thanks to the wiretaps removal, it is also possible to find out whether a GPS tracker has been installed inside the vehicle to identify the position of the car, the route and every stop or parking.

The debugging activity in Phersei are carried out in the utmost confidentiality and with the utmost speed both in intervention times and in the duration of the analysis. At the end of each activity of debugging, the Phersei method provides for the drafting of a detailed technical report and a certificate of conformity concerning the technical analysis of environmental debugging carried out; this documentation will subsequently be delivered to the customer.

Environmental car debugging: the technologies used by Phersei

Phersei Milano can boast the use of the most modern and advanced technologies to carry out, with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, the services of environmental debugging that guarantee to its clients the secure detection of bugs and wiretaps through which stolen private or strategic company information can be stolen.


Some of our equipment used in the debugging of private cars and companies:

  • Superbroom plus
  • TCM cable tester 03
  • Linear junction detector (NLJD) V.36 (identifies active and non-active devices)
  • CPM700 complete kit
  • Spectran near TSCM spectral analysis field
  • GSM196 detector against GSM surveillance
  • Spectrum analyzer against surveillance of local 12GHz transmissions.
  • Digital frequency measurement and analysis
  • Physical research (all areas)
  • Wireless video transmission detector up to 5.8 GHz
  • GSM blocking bugs

If you are afraid of being spied on or think that there are people or companies motivated and interested in knowing confidential news regarding your private life or your business do not hesitate, call us and request our environmental debugging service.

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