Environmental debugging and bugle protection defend your family's privacy and safeguard your business from espionage, information leakage and unfair competition.
For more information you can call us at number +39 02 66 111 664
You can communicate with us from every single section, sending us your information request via email through the contact form. If you prefer a telephone contact, call our operations center 24 hours a day.

Offices Environmental debugging

The Phersei Investigation Agency performs offices environmental debugging which represents an effective and resolutive action of counterintelligence and has the purpose of identifying all the audio and video environmental interception…


Environmental debugging of houses

The Phersei Investigation Agency, with its own section dedicated to the investigative technologies, specializes in environmental debugging of houses and counterintelligence activities from bugs and wiretap. With our technical intervention,…


Mobile phones debugging

Phersei mobile phone debugging services have the aim of detecting bugs and wiretap in your phone to spy or steal confidential information in both private and corporate environments. The advent…


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