Phersei investigations and safety works closely with customers to create personalized security programs that focus on early planning and preparation for all risks, on effective protection and aimed at improving customer service.

At Phersei Security & Investigations, we focus not only on the safety of people and things, but also on the quality of the service provided, making us ambassadors of a new high-profile style of service based on both tradition and innovation. Our Safety Programs are tailored to the environment that is unique in every commercial property to offer each customer or visitor a pleasant and safe stay.

We work closely with customers to integrate the security program into the organizational culture, in consideration and in compliance with corporate objectives. In addition to protection, our goal is to help reducing the overall security costs, identifying and reducing threats, return on investment, helping to alleviate ownership from the burden of security management.

The services provided for the Corporate Buildings sector are as follows:

  • Control and protection of any access to the structure
  • Management of flows and control of incoming vehicles
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas with patrols and guarding
  • CCTV control and control room Service
  • Anti fire and first aid
  • Garage and parking security
  • Valet parking
  • Coordination of emergency interventions and crisis management
  • Control and monitoring Alarms and security systems
  • Security personnel for special events
  • Consulting and research
  • Prevention of violence at the workplace
  • Concierge and concierge premiere services

Based on our experience we are able to implement the best security strategies at any property across the nation; our Security program is specifically designed for Corporate Buildings. The program arranges an integrated approach to security that provides an improved service to the client, through a welcome and discreet but effective protection approach.

The training path of our security agents is designed to prepare agents to manage a unique role that requires the need to be specialists in customer service with security tasks. We train security agents with the aim of making them experts in customer service, able to identify the needs of customers and ready to exceed their expectations. This program comes with customizable templates.

Visitor Check System

Our visitor management system standardizes the treatment of visitors themselves. This computerized system eliminates handwritten lists and replaces them with intuitive and easy-to-use computer reports. The system allows you to save visitor information and confirm pre-approved visitors. The system can also flag unwanted visitors or contractors who are prohibited from accessing the property.

Security services and investigations for the real estate sector for office use. Trust in Phersei, the national leader organization.

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