Do you suspect that your employee improperly uses sick leaves? Do you fear that your company is the victim of an unfair competition case? Do you want to protect your company assets from theft and the escape of strategic information? Do you want to collect reliable information for dismissal with just cause? 

Rely on Phersei, which has been carrying out successful corporate investigations services for years, in compliance with current regulations.  

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Current technological systems expose companies to high risk margins. Moreover, as a result of interactions with foreign countries and the continuous advance of the market globalization, companies are increasingly exposed to illicit phenomena or fraudulent activities.
In this context, Phersei carries out investigations in the case of: 

• Unfair competition;
• Industrial counterintelligence;
• employee unfaithfulness;
• Work partner infidelity;
• Absenteeism employees in the company;
• Leak of strategic corporate information;
• Trademark counterfeiting;
• Industrial anti-sabotage. 

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