The commercial information and investigations carried out by Phersei’s private investigators are aimed at providing a targeted and exhaustive response to the need to fully understand their business partner, supplier or customer. Is the company I am preparing to collaborate with reliable? Can it pay me regularly? Has it had detrimental circumstances or adverse events in its past? What are the public opinions about this company? In which markets does it work and who are its members? Will I be able to grant it more reliance or delay his payments over time without risk of insolvency?

The activity of collecting commercial information carried out by Phersei investigative agency is aimed at acquiring official, unofficial and confidential information that can answer all these questions.

Commercial information and investigations make it possible to effectively collect and aggregate:

-official data and information such as chamber information, balance sheet data, monitoring and verification of complaints;

-unofficial and / or confidential data such as press reviews, research on web engines, cross-checks on related companies, historical precedents on companies and members, news collected during telephone interviews;

-analysis and scoring data such as performance forecasts, various comparisons, economic and financial assessments, cross checks and checks;

real estate information and assessment and many other additional information.

Thanks to the commercial inquiries conducted by Phersei investigations, you can analyze and reliably develop your business, reducing risk margins and protecting yourself from the pitfalls of bad payers or companies with a low financial rating.

The business information acquired by Phersei Group is designed to make you doing business safely, ensuring constant monitoring of financial changes in real time in a reliable, correct way,

able to lead you to informed choices. The usefulness and reliability of the commercial information developed by one of our investigators are necessary and irreplaceable tools for those who do business.

In the era of globalization of the markets, the verification of the solidity of the companies with which you must collaborate and the assessment of the financial conditions of natural persons are essential elements of your business. For this reason, the Phersei Investigation Agency with its commercial information collection service is a valuable help for those who need to find information necessary for a correct assessment of the business.

Italian national business information

The acquisition of business information allows you to evaluate in advance interesting news that can effectively and securely guide commercial policies, towards choices that are designed to reduce risks and translate into advantageous and guaranteed payment conditions according to the characteristics rating and reliability.

The more the corporate rating is low and the customer at risk, the more necessary will be the updates to be made regarding information and credit lines; and even more so the financial transaction will be of a high amount, the more it will be necessary to develop in-depth “company information”.

The commercial information of Phersei detective agency guarantees synthetic answers carried out in real time and detailed, in-depth and relevant analysis, rich of strategic information, to know how a company pays.

International business information

The globalization of the markets, the continuous interactions with foreign territories and companies, the continuation of the financial crisis, make the acquisition of commercial information abroad fundamental.

The launch or enhancement of a targeted and effective export policy abroad also involves the selection and selection of the right business partner in the area of ​​interest.

With the international business information of Phersei Group you have the opportunity to get to know companies operating in many foreign countries. Our research is articulated and exhaustive, able to range from conventional commercial information to more in-depth information up to the acquisition of balance sheet data, verify real estate properties and information for the protection and recovery of credit.

Official data

Phersei detective agency is able to provide on demand its customers with all the official data available on companies such as financial statements, protests, prejudicial to conservatories, ordinary surveys and historical records, complete corporate structure, shareholdings and corporate positions, corporate rating, etc.

Phersei business information and investigations respond to the most diverse needs of the applicant and can be formulated either individually or in the form of reports. Our reports provide for the inclusion of numerous information in a single complete, exhaustive and cost-effective information tool.

Real estate information

Do you need to know exactly the real consistency of real estate assets (houses, apartments, boxes, portions of buildings, land, buildings for commercial use) of a natural person or a company?

Do you need to know if mortgages weigh on a real estate or if the assets are burdened by detrimental circumstances such as foreclosures or seizures?

Through Phersei real estate audits you will have the opportunity to acquire the information of interest and to clarify the complete real estate asset of the natural or legal person of interest. The information will be developed and written in a report that will be sent to the customer.

Business information in Milan, in Italy and abroad Phersei. When you need to know entrust to a leading organization, rely on Phersei Group.

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